The Morning Star is a nickname given to the planet Venus. When the sun is rising, the morning sky shows a bright star in the east. This actually is not a star. It is the planet Venus that appears during sunrise due to its specific positioning. Because of this, Venus can also be seen in the western sky during sunset, and at that time, it is referred to as the evening star.

Venus has its orbit within the Earth’s orbit, and it is also relatively close to the Sun. The planet is the brighter than any other object in the sky, except the Sun & the Moon. Due to its orbital location, Venus is visible in the eastern sky for about an hour before the Sun comes up and fades it away. That is why it got the name The Morning Star. Similarly, it is seen in the evening sky in the west for some time after the Sun sets and becomes the Evening Star.

With the olden civilizations according to great importance to celestial bodies and phenomena, the unique appearance of Venus in the sky made the planet a prominent mythological figure in several ancient cultures. In most cultures, Venus is considered to be a symbol of love, femininity, and fertility.

The early Greeks believed the morning Venus and evening Venus to be two different objects and called them Phosphorus/Eosphoros (‘Light Bringer’ or ‘Dawn Bringer’) and Hesperos (‘the star of the evening’). However, I later realized it was the same planet that they named after Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

Alternately, The Morning Star is also a name given to Jesus Christ. The Morning Star’s appearance indicates the dawn of light that ends a dark night. As such, Jesus Christ as a savior, source of hope and happiness is identified as The Morning Star.

The Morning Star
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