Central to the field of astrology is the belief that the planets of the solar system affect the lives and personalities of living beings on Earth. All astrology planets have specific functions within the Zodiac, astrology planets meaning the heavenly bodies as they travel within the celestial sphere. By learning each astrology planet’s name + meaning, we can select the talisman best suited to a particular spiritual journey and moment.

Astrology Planets and their Meaning

The Astrology Planets: Meaning

In terms of astrology, there are still nine planets, including Pluto. The Sun and Moon are also included, as they have a powerful effect on our star charts.


Qualities: Creativity, vitality, optimism, success, consciousness

Meaning and Action
As the central point in the solar system, the Sun provides the life force that is at the core of each of our individual beings. It allows our souls to actualize by encouraging spiritual and mental energy manifestation while strengthening the life force behind that energy. It serves as the spark of consciousness and forms the foundation of our individual personalities, needs, and desires.


Qualities: Empathy, calm, connection, nurturing

Meaning and Action
The Moon represents the maternal energy of the Zodiac. It supports the soul and provides a safe container for our life force energy, much like a mother guards the well-being of her child. A connecting force between souls, it births empathy and understanding.

The Moon also serves each of us as a powerful force in integrating our emotional, mental, and physical selves. It soothes the mind, regulates the body’s rhythms, and holds space for the ebb and flow of emotions.


Qualities: Dignity, intelligence, practicality, organization, wisdom, rationality

Meaning and Action
Most associated with the rational mind, Mercury encourages mental clarity and focus. A Mercury talisman will help the mind to organize thoughts, internalize knowledge, and analyze information. Mercury also has a powerful effect on our abilities to translate our intellectual thoughts into clear speech and directed action. When Mercury is uplifted within us, it empowers us to express our skills and to pursue material gains.


Qualities: Love, romance, affection, beauty, harmony, intimacy, gentleness, connection

Meaning and Action
Venus has a powerful impact on our ability to love and cherish. It draws in those other souls who cherish those feelings toward us, strengthening the romantic and emotional connections we already possess. It brings out our charm and draws the hearts of others toward us while exerting a calming influence on our own bodies and minds.

Expressive of feminine energy and of unity, Venus embodies the human spirit’s need for connection, gentle joy, and the melding of spirits. With a Venus talisman, we can encourage the presence of intimacy and harmony in our everyday world.


Qualities: Power, strength, motivation, courage

Meaning and Action
Mars focuses our energy so that we can pursue the things that matter most to us. Believed in ancient times to be a power source, it continues to serve as a spiritual resource for those of us seeking to gather our courage and fight for what we need. The exalted Mars inspires action and productivity, revitalizes our ambition, and fills the well of inner strength.

Ruling that which gives us power and stature, Mars directs us as we pursue our goals. It also acts as a protective barrier against that which would do us harm and restrain us from reaching our true potential.


Qualities: Generosity, growth, wisdom, intellect, spirituality, truth, justice

Meaning and Action
Jupiter, a ruler of the forces of abundance, supports spiritual and intellectual growth and material gain. It enhances our ability to analyze and understand the universe, including the principles that govern right and wrong. Jupiter inspires us to seek truth and confers a heightened sense of justice upon us.

Jupiter is a strong force for good in the universe. In guiding us to grow and leading us to what is right, it uplifts the spirit and fills the soul with joy. Where Jupiter is exerting a strong influence, there is a wonder in all life offers.


Qualities: Order, focus, structure, discipline, solidification

Meaning and Action
Just as Mars inspires us to pursue our goals, Saturn gives us the spiritual and mental fortitude to do so. It enhances stamina, confers a sense of determination, and grants us the focus to create realistic plans for success. It also guards against any internal or external harm that may stand in our way so that we can follow our ambition.

Saturn strengthens the body as well as the mind. It protects the wearer against illness and other sources of physical weakness.


Qualities: Freedom, growth, novelty, change, evolution

Meaning and Action
Uranus is the planet that lets us break out of old patterns and find out what we can become. It is freedom from limitations and an uninterrupted pursuit of potential. Inspiring us to share our spark of creation with the world frees us from convention and empowers us to act from our own truths.

The position of Uranus within our astrological charts determines how and to what degree we seek newness, change, and growth. It gives us the strength of ourselves and allows us to pursue authenticity.


Qualities: Expression, vision, openness

Meaning and Action
Among the planets, Neptune is the one most shrouded in mystery. It is an undefined force that blurs unnecessary boundaries and carries us into imagination, dreams, and ideals. Powerful in evoking compassion and selflessness, it lends support to those who are healers and those who are seeking a spiritual connection.

Neptune strengthens our connection to the higher powers that govern the universe and opens our awareness to spirituality. Weak in those of us who are overly reliant on logic and reason, it activates the creative brain.


Qualities: Purging, release, revelation, clarity

Meaning and Action
Pluto rules the tumultuous time between destruction and creation. It encourages the release of our deepest truths and pushes us to release old habits so that we can be born anew.

Pluto often acts on us in a way that makes it feel as though our world is breaking apart. We can feel we are being undone and no longer have a hold on who we are. We must trust in our potential and commit to becoming our true selves to benefit from Pluto’s immense power.