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Wiccan Symbols

Wicca is a neo-pagan, eclectic witchcraft religion. This religious belief system centers on Nature worship and exists without any structured clergy or congregations, though there are priests and priestesses in leadership positions. Typically a duotheistic religion, Wicca venerates a Triple Goddess (related to the Moon, Earth and stars) as well as a Horned God (related to the Sun, animals and forests). These are regarded as the corresponding polarities found in universe that are in harmony with each other, and are also believed to embody the life-force that is manifest in Nature.

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Wicca considers all life as sacred – human, plant and animal, and Wiccan practices involve rituals conducted to manipulate Nature to attain love, prestige, power and other desires. These ceremonies make use of a number of symbols. Let us take a look at a few popular Wicca symbols.

Wiccan Symbols and their meanings
Wiccan Symbols
Pentacle Pentacle: A 5-pointed star within a circle, the Pentacle is a key energy-giving and protective Wiccan symbol. Its five points symbolize the five elements of air, fire, water, earth and the spirit, and the symbol is believed to represent the entire Universe with all aspects of the world coming together to represent the one Divine. The symbol points upwards to denote victory of the spirit over matter. Cauldron Cauldron: Cauldron is a basic Wiccan symbol that symbolizes the womb of the Mother Goddess. In the ancient Celtic mythology, the cauldron represented divine inspiration, infinite sustenance and abundance. As a Wiccan altar tool, it is used for creating witches' magical brews, for mixing herbs or for burning incense.
Athame Athame: Athame or ceremonial knife is a Wiccan altar tool and a Wiccan symbol. It symbolizes the ability to make distinctions, separate things and make choices. It is associated with the killing of falsehood for the revelation of truth and is used in Wiccan practices to direct magical energies, intentions and attention. Athame represents the male energy, the determination to bring change and the power to take decisions and action. Besom Besom: Besom or Broom is an important symbol in Wiccan practice. It plays a significant ritualistic role in a Wiccan hand-fasting marriage ceremony, where the newly-weds have to jump over it for cementing their vows. The Besom is symbolically used for cleansing or purification, and for sweeping negative influences away from any place. The symbol is also considered to represent the power to go above and beyond the earthly plane to fly in the spiritual realms.
Triquetra Triquetra: Triquetra is made of three interlocked petals or Vesica Pisces, which is an ancient yonic symbol representing the Goddess. As a Wiccan symbol, it stands for the triple aspect of the Goddess as maiden, mother and crone. It is also supposed to be representative of the three levels of existence – mind, body and soul or spirit. Another concept that Triquetra is believed to symbolize is the three domains of sea, earth and sky. Circle Circle: A primary Wiccan symbol, the Circle represents the cosmos and the feminine spirit. It denotes wholeness, unity and infinity and also inspires several other Goddess symbols like the Spiral of Life, Circle of Earth and Wheel of the year that signify the cyclical nature of all existence. Witches are believed to appreciate the power and primacy of Circle and so, gather within circles for performing spells, celebrations and rituals.
Witch's Knot Witch's Knot: Also known as Magic Knot or Witch's Charm, Witch's Knot is a symbol of protection. This symbol can be drawn in a single continuous motion, which is considered as one of the reasons behind its efficacy. Witches were believed to use the symbol for binding things magically and creating circles of protection. The Witch's Knot was drawn over stables and doorways to prevent negativity from entering.  

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