Sometimes in this life, you need strength symbols to encourage you and keep focused on your goals. You need strength and courage symbols to keep you motivated and, at the same time, take pride in your ambitions and the directions you want to take in life. You might like these symbols of strength and courage placed on your desk or places where they are clearly visible, or you can even engrave some of these strength symbols as tattoos on your body. In essence, these strength symbols are a good reminder of the potent power you possess within you and the potential it holds to help you achieve success in your life.

Different cultures have different symbols that signify the beliefs of the people. Studying them and their related symbols gives a great insight into how they lived and how they used symbols to exhibit their strength and power.

Strength Symbols


The Bear – An ancient Heraldic symbol signifies strength.

strength symbols

The Bull – Symbolized strength in Egypt and other countries.

tabono strength symbol

Tabono – the ‘paddles’. Ancient African Symbol- Symbol represents strength and perseverance.


Japanese Kanji Symbol for Strength

boar symbol

Celtic Boar symbol for Strength

chinese strength symbol

Chinese Symbol for Strength

okodee mmowereOkodee Mmowere Symbol – This is the Akindra Symbol For Strength
chinese strength symbolChinese Symbol for Strength
griffin symbolGriffin – The Griffin is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. The Griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. In antiquity, it was a symbol of divine power and a guardian of the divine. In Celtic traditions, the griffin symbol was synonymous with strength.
lion symbolLion Symbol – The Lion is an important symbol of strength for Buddhists.
scarab egyptianScarabs often represented strength for Egyptians
japanese strengthJapanese symbol for Strength
maya jaguarThe Jaguar is one of the most important symbols of Strength used by the Mayan civilization.
eagle pictureEagle – The eagle symbolizes strength, courage, and wisdom for the Native Americans.
oakOak – The mighty oak tree has been held sacred by the Celts, Greeks, Romans and almost all other major European cultures and civilizations throughout history. It has generally been associated with deities that controlled storms, thunder, and lightning. For its immense size, expanse, and longevity, the oak is considered symbolic of strength, regal power, durability, and endurance.
HorseHorse – The Horse has been regarded as a symbol of strength, power, and determination by most cultures worldwide. The majestic animal is also seen as an emblem of driving life force. In fact, several cultures believe the Horse holds the attributes of the four essential elements – fire, water, air, and earth. The Greco-Romans and Celtics associated the Horse with valour, victory, domination, honour, and virility. As a Native American symbol, it represents the combination of earthly power and spiritual wisdom. In addition to representing physical and sexual energy, the Horse symbolizes inner emotional strength and a strong survival spirit.