Since ancient times, man has been pondering the phenomena of dreaming. The Greeks thought that the gods put dreams in people’s heads. In modern times, people believe that dreams come from the unconscious. For ages, people have been writing about dreams. The Oneirocritica, or The Interpretation of Dreams, was one of the first books about dream interpretation written by Artemidorus Daldianus. The Oneirocritica was written in the 2nd century A.D. The Bible is full of dreams and dream symbolism.

Symbolism of Dreams

In modern times, the psychological field took over the study of dreams. Freud and Jung are both famous for their dream symbolism. Freud equated people’s dreams as a disguised fulfillment of repressed wishes. Jung was a student of Freud. He broke away from Freud and studied dream symbolism from a different angle. Jung felt that dreams had a purpose. He believed in little and big dreams. Little dreams are common dreams that everyone has. From ancient times to the present, people have been having the same type of common dreams. Big dreams are more prophetic and visionary, bordering on the mystical.

Common Dreams

There are common dreams that everyone experiences in their lives. The dreams themselves may be different, but the symbolism is the same.

Dreams of Falling

One of the most common dreams is one where someone is falling. They may be falling from a building, a cliff, an airplane, or any high ground. A common myth about falling is that the person will die if they hit the ground in their dreams. Most falling dreams are caused by something going on in real life. A person might be making poor decisions, and the dream is a symbol of not staying on the right path. If a person is feeling insecure or feels they have lost control of something, they might have a falling dream. Their dream symbolizes a lack of control or stability in their life. According to Freud, falling dreams are a symbol of giving in to sexual impulses or urges.

Dream of falling

Dream of Flying

Another very common dream is one where the dreamer is flying. This falls under the category of lucid dreams. In a lucid dream, the dreamer has control of their dream. A flying dream can symbolize a spiritual connection. The dreamer may be reaching a higher realm of spirituality. A flying dream can also symbolize control. The dreamer believes they have control over their lives. A flying dream can also symbolize escape and freedom. If the dreamer is working through pressure in real life, they might subconsciously be thinking about trying to overcome their stress and pressures, which may result in a dream about flying. Jung said that these dreams symbolized the overcoming of difficulties in life. Another symbol related to a flying dream is one where a person feels like they are on top of the world. They have an inflated ego, and they dream of flying and being above everything else. Suppose a dreamer is flying low in a dream, that symbolizes contentment. Flying high symbolizes confidence, and flying backward symbolizes reminiscence.

Dream of flying

Dream of Chasing

Another common dream is when the dreamer is being chased or chasing something. If the dreamer is being chased, it could symbolize avoidance or fear. The dreamer may be dealing with something they are trying to avoid or are scared of their surroundings. When the dreamer’s pursuer gets closer, it symbolizes an ongoing problem. If the dreamer successfully gets away from their pursuer, it symbolizes being able to get away from their problems. Suppose a dreamer is chasing something in their dream that symbolizes trying to keep up with something from the real world. It could also symbolize the dreamer’s ambition and drive.

Dream of Death

One of the scariest common dreams is one where the dreamer dies. A dream about death symbolizes a new start in life. It can also mean a new level of spirituality or getting rid of a bad habit. If a dreamer dreams about someone else dying, that could symbolize repressed feelings. Dreaming about a child dying could symbolize the necessity of growth in a dreamer’s life. If a dreamer dreams that they die, it symbolizes putting others’ needs before their own. It can also be a symbol of self-change. The dreamer may need to pay attention to something that has to change in their life. It can also symbolize escape. The dreamer may be trying to escape from stress in their daily life. Dreaming about someone else dying can be a symbol of separateness or lack of love. It can also symbolize resentment. When a dreamer dreams about someone who has died, it symbolizes connection and remembrance.

Dreams of Death

Dream of Cheating

Being cheated on is another common dream. It can symbolize low self-esteem, neglect, or abandonment if the dreamer is being cheated on in the dream. Sometimes, the dreamer has not been paying attention in real life to clues that suggest their partner is cheating. The cheating dream can be the dreamer’s mind putting these clues together while they are dreaming. Dreaming about cheating can also symbolize distrust if the dreamer is cheating in the dream, which symbolizes their desire to be someone else. It could also symbolize dishonesty. Another symbolization is that the dreamer is not having their needs met. It is also a symbol of the dreamer’s sexuality.

Dream of Nudity

Another common dream is one where the dreamer is naked in public. These dreams symbolize the dreamer’s insecurity and vulnerability. They can also symbolize being unprepared. Being naked in a dream can also symbolize exposure. The dreamer may be in a new situation or feeling ashamed about something in real life. On the other hand, nudity may symbolize narcissism, vanity, or freedom. The dreamer may want attention from people, or they may be arrogant. Or, the dreamer might be secure and proud of who they are, and they are not afraid to show themselves to the world.

Nudity dreams

Prophetic Dreams

Prophetic dreams have been linked to people who are open to new levels of consciousness and are open to the mystical. There are different types of prophetic dreams. Some will predict events in the future, while others are a guide to the dreamer’s life.

Clairvoyant dreams

Clairvoyant dreams are realistic and vivid and can sometimes continue upon waking. These dreams feature events, symbols, and metaphors. Spirits and angels are thought to guide the dreamer through clairvoyant dreams. These dreams can offer the dreamer an insight into the future and can be used as a guide for the dreamer’s daily life. Many people believe that these dreams point to clairvoyant abilities in the dreamer’s waking life.

Clairvoyant dreams

Warning dreams

These are dreams that warn the dreamer that something is going to happen. These dreams can be guides to help the dreamer avoid what is going to happen, or they can be clear warnings about something out of the dreamer’s control. In the Bible, Joseph has a warning dream where an angel tells him to leave Bethlehem and go to Egypt, thereby keeping Herod from killing the baby Jesus. Shanon Tate had a warning dream about her death, as did Abraham Lincoln. Carl Jung dreamed about World War I before it started. John Dunn dreamed about the eruption of the Mount Pelee volcano before it happened on the island of Martinique.


When a dreamer has an apparition dream, they dream about deceased people. The deceased person in the dream delivers an important message to the dreamer. The dreamer who dreams of apparitions may be having a psychic experience. The apparitions will usually talk to the dreamer or the dreamer will hear a voice and see the apparition.

Shared dreams

Shared dreams happen when the dreamer and one or more people dream the same dream at the same time. The dreams can be exactly the same or have similar elements. This usually happens when the two dreamers have a close connection, possibly psychic. Sometimes, a person will just enter into another person’s dream and visit them. This usually occurs in psychic dreams. Sometimes telepathy is involved, and people will gather and communicate in a dream together. This type of dream usually happens when people are near each other in the same sleep state.

Emphatic Dreams

Emphatic dreams occur when the dreamer feels connected to an event they are unaware of. They feel strong feelings of sympathy for something, but they are not sure why they feel this way. Some people believe that empathic dreamers are guided by spirits in their dreams. Others believe that people experience telepathy when they have an empathic dream. The dreamer experiences something that is happening to someone else. The dreamer is usually transported into the other person’s body during this type of dream.

Telepathic dreams

A telepathic dream is when the dreamer is connected with another person’s thoughts while dreaming. The dreamer will usually receive a message from this experience. This usually happens with someone close to the dreamer.

Telepathic dreams

Clairaudient dreams

Clairaudient dreams occur when the dreamer hears distinct sounds or voices in their dream. Often, the dreamer cannot see the source of the sound or the voice. These dreams are usually being delivered by a higher spirit or being and should be heeded. Musicians sometimes experience clairaudient dreams. They hear a full composition in their dreams. Paul McCartney had a clairaudient dream. He woke up and played what would become known as “Yesterday” on his piano. Todd Rundgren’s “Bang the Drum All Day” came to him fully formed in a clairaudient dream. Sometimes, a dreamer will hear messages from their spiritual guide in their clairaudient dream.