A dream happens every time we sleep. It is a product of our thoughts and emotions and is filled with images that may symbolize its meaning. It may also be a picture of our current situation. While its real purpose is not fully understood, there are different ways by which we can interpret it through the use of dream symbols, such as the following.

Learning to interpret your dreams opens the door to greater understanding in all areas of your life. Even in ancient times, dream symbols were essential to many types of people from several walks of society.

Several people have attributed meanings to dreams and dream symbols. Images and symbols that we may encounter in our dreams have essential meanings, according to many experts in the field of dreams.

Dream Symbols and their meanings

Here are some of the more popular dream symbols and their meanings.


water symbol Water is one of the nature symbols that anybody can see in a dream. It can be interpreted as a pool of emotions, mood or vitality. The emotion linked to it can be decoded depending on what has triggered it to occur in the dream. When one finds water in a dream to be somewhat dangerous, then this can mean that he or she is uncomfortable with her feelings at the moment. If the water shows waves, then it can be interpreted as an overwhelming feeling.


Teeth dream symbol Many meanings can be attached to seeing teeth in a dream. At one point, it may mean strength or vitality, while in another, it can also be interpreted as a sign of greed and self-confidence. On the other hand, when one sees teeth loss or breakage in a dream, it may signify a weakening of feelings or attitudes.


Baby symbol In real life, having a baby is said to be a blessing, which is the reason why it is said to symbolize new emotions, concern about the young ones and even a desire to have a child when seen in a dream. Additionally, it can depict one’s feelings of vulnerability or, worse, the desire to escape from one’s responsibilities over something.


The Lotus Flower

This popular dream symbol is often linked by many to traitors. The truth is that it can be interpreted as a symbol of different emotions. It can represent magical forces within us, perhaps the desire to enhance our instincts or primal energies. In other cases, it may also mean renewal or resurrection from a particular incident. When snakes are seen falling into someone during deep slumber, it may mean the struggle for fortune.


adultery symbol Seeing a scene of adultery in a dream may depict the current status of a relationship. It may mean either one’s feelings of possible betrayal or emotion that one is alone in handling an affair with someone. Furthermore, it can be interpreted as a sign of physical urge.


The eternal knot When one sees a camera in a dream, then that can mean the desire to reminisce about what has happened in one’s past. It also offers one a time to grow in a path he is heading toward. At some points, though, it also encourages a person to look at things in a new and brighter perspective.


LightTo dream of lights is very good. It denotes riches and honour.


moneyReceiving money in a dream means earthly prosperity. Giving of it shows your ability to give money and be generous.


altarWhen you dream of an altar, seeing one or being near one, it usually means something you have been working hard on will be a success. Dreaming of kneeling before an altar means you are a very spiritual person and that the Lord will help you in your life and your success. If you dream of lighted candles on the altar, then it is an even bigger sign of success.

Baby or Babies

baby– If you dream of nursing a baby, it means sorrow and misfortune. If you see a baby that is sick, it means that someone among your relatives will die.


angelAngels will often appear in our dreams when we have thought of something divine and amazing. Angels may also appear in your dreams when you are looking over your attitudes. Angels in your dreams may mean you should consider examining your motivations. An angel is often someone who brings you something in your dream, such as a revelation or a message. If you take the time to search your feelings, the angels will lead you to discoveries and directions in your life. Angels in your dreams may also denote a desire for guidance, power or strength, making friends, or a desire for emotional connections with others.


boatTo sail in a boat or ship on smooth waters is lucky. On rough waters, it is unlucky. To fall into water indicates great peril.


cloudsDark clouds indicate great sorrows that have to be passed through. But they will pass away if the clouds are moving or breaking apart.


clockSeeing a clock in your dream may mean that you feel like life is passing you by too fast. Dreaming of winding a clock may mean that you are starting something new in your life or that your life is going to go in a new direction. Dreaming of a clock with an alarm going off may mean that you will be faced with a life-changing decision.


devilIt is high time for you to mend yourself. Great evil may come to you. You must pursue virtue. Dreaming of the devil may also mean that you are experiencing many temptations in your life.


accidentPersonal afflictions and troubles may be inevitable. But you will soon be removed from the trouble.


glassesEyeglasses are used by people who have weak eyesight to have improved vision. In the context of dreams, eyeglasses signify preconceived views, beliefs, and opinions. As such, dreaming of them symbolizes your confusion and lack of clarity on a particular issue, and you also need to consider it from a fresher perspective. Seeing yourself as wearing glasses in the dream denotes a sense of balance and moderation. Meanwhile, dreaming of losing your eyeglasses is a sign that you need to beware of the mysteries, uncertainties, and lies that you are about to encounter in your life.


tunnelSeeing a tunnel in your dream usually symbolizes the necessity to explore the deepest corners of your mind and bring your unconscious thoughts to the surface. Dreaming of a tunnel can be associated with birth as well as death. It can indicate the need to look back and review the past. It can also encourage you to proceed into the unknown, symbolizing success in solving a problem and e