Native American Symbols provide people with a fun and interesting story of life, spirit, and, of course, nature. Native Americans were very in touch or in tune with nature, and spirit was very important to them.

Native Americans loved to express ideas through symbols; sometimes, they painted the symbols in their artwork, and sometimes, they painted the symbols on themselves, like tattoos.

Native American Symbols

Native Americans saw the world in a different way than most other peoples, they believed that everything and person possess a spirit, this fact makes Native Americans different from any other tribes or peoples.

The use of symbols in Native American tribes differs from one tribe to another. However, we will do our best to show you the most important native American symbols, and we will also give you their meanings.

Here is our collection of Native American symbols.

Here are some of the most popular Native American Symbols.

wisdom-symbol.gif (733 bytes)Wisdom Symbol
thunderstorm-symbol.gif (902 bytes)

Thunderstorm Symbol

camp-symbol.gif (1295 bytes)Camp Symbol
pattern-symbol.gif (342 bytes)Pattern rain-clouds.gif (901 bytes)Rain Clouds eagle-symbol.gif (577 bytes)Eagle Symbol
frog-symbol.gif (566 bytes)Frog Symbol good-prospects-symbol.gif (748 bytes)Good Prospects Symbol hand-symbol.gif (432 bytes)Native American Hand Symbol
happy-symbol.gif (1200 bytes)Happy Symbol homecoming-symbol.gif (1114 bytes)Homecoming Symbol hummingbird-symbol.gif (374 bytes)Hummingbird Symbol
kokopelli-symbol.gif (376 bytes)Kokopelli Symbol maninmaze-symbol.gif (2041 bytes)Man in Maze Symbol maninmaze2.gif (1720 bytes)Man In Maze Symbol 2
Tohono O’odham is a symbol of life cycles, choice, and eternal motion with the goal of achieving harmony. The man is named “U’ki’ut’l”. Hopi silversmiths also utilize the man in the maze symbol as a way to showcase their high quality & technique.
arrow symbolArrow – Here are the different meanings of the arrow symbol in native American art.Arrowhead – Alertness.
Arrow Pointing Right – Protection.
Arrow Pointing Left – Warding of Evil
sun symbolSun Symbol (also known as the Zia symbol)- The sun symbol often means “Earth Guardian in Day,” and it can also represent Healing Energy. The sun symbol is also recognized as a giver of life and a provider of warmth.sun2.gif (999 bytes)

bear trackBear Track

Native Americans often view the bear track symbol as a good omen.


bear trackA mythical Native American creature that dominates all natural activities, the Thunderbird symbolizes divine dominion, protection, provision, strength, authority, and indomitable spirit. This cross-cultural symbol is found among the Plains Indians and the tribes in the Pacific Northwest and Northeast, though its meaning may vary across different groups. Some tribes considered the Thunderbird to be a sign of war, and the sound of thunder in the clouds was believed to be a prophecy of victory in tribal wars if ritual dances and ceremonies were performed. Others looked at the Thunderbird as a solar animal that controlled the dawn of day and night by opening and closing its eyes made of the Sun.

morning starMorning Star

Honoured as Kachina by most Pueblo tribes, the morning star is a sign of courage and purity of spirit.

clown symbolClown – The clown symbol symbolizes well-being or joyfulness, good times & it can also symbolize the harvest. The most popular clown is the popular “Mud Head.”
navajo yeii spiritNavajo Yeii Spirit – A spirit the Navajo considers to be a mediator between man and his creator. Yeiis control natural forces, such as day and night, rain, wind, sun & others. A very exceptional kind of Yeii is the Yei’bi’chai, grandparent spirit or “talking God” who can speak to a man, teaching him how to live in harmony with all living things by following some simple rules of behaviour to conserve and use well only the things he needs to survive. A symbol of the harmony achieved is the “Rainbow Man,” a Yeii commanding the rainbow, giving beauty to all those in harmony.
four ages of manThe four ages of man are childhood, youth, middle age and old age. The sign is used with this meaning by some Indian tribes in the southwestern USA.
Hopi Maze or Mother Earth SymbolHopi Maze or Mother Earth Symbol
– This is an important symbol of the Hopi people and many other Native American tribes. The Maze represents the maze of life, that is, the obstacles and challenges one must overcome to evolve spiritually and become one with the divine power. It is also known as the Mother Earth symbol and signifies the deep bond between Mother Earth and us, her children. The center line symbolizes the child (a metaphor for the beginning of our philosophical journey), and the surrounding maze represents the mother’s (Earth’s or Nature’s) support that is always available to guide the child through life. The Mother Earth/Maze symbol identifies all that is sacred in nature and reminds man to revere and be thankful for it.
hand printHand Print – Symbol of a human’s life, achievements, and legacy, the creative spirit, channelled energy.
frog symbolFrog Symbol – The symbol of a frog in native American terms often means renewal and fertility, and it can also mean the arrival of springtime.
bear symbolBear – The Bear symbol is known as a protector. The symbol of the bear denotes strength and also leadership. The bear is frequently mentioned as the “first helper” in creation & emergence stories.
wolf tracksWolf Tracks – Wolf tracks symbolize “direction” and leadership.
deer symbolDeer Symbol – The deer symbolizes protection of one`s family, and the deer symbol can also symbolize speed.
turtleTurtle – The turtle symbolizes long life, and it also annoys the coyote. The turtle is slow but steady.
eagleEagle – Symbolizes courage, strength, wisdom, and a special religious connection due to his association with spirits and visions.
owl symbolOwl – Symbolizes nighttime and being wise. It also means good hunting skills.
RavenRaven – In the Native American symbolic lore, Raven is the bearer of magic and light, the bringer of cosmic messages, and the keeper of secrets. It is considered symbolic of transformation, knowledge, and understanding. The tribal holy men called upon the Raven in rituals to clarify visions. The Raven was also believed to have long-distance healing powers.This Native American animal symbol was seen as humanitarian, and many tribes venerated it as a bird of creation. The Raven was also recognized for its high enthusiasm, energy, easy charm, and wisdom and sought after for advice, opinions, and ideas.
Feathers – Fanned into a Circle – Related to the Sun and The Creator.
Pipe – Used in negotiations of peace and war, to offer sacred tobacco smoke to the four directions, and in a religious ceremony.
Saddle Bag – Represents a journey.
deer tracksDeer Tracks – Deer tracks symbolize safety and shelter.
star-symbol.gif (1119 bytes)Star Symbol summer-symbol.gif (1247 bytes)Summer Symbol sun4.gif (1261 bytes)Sun symbol
twins-symbol.gif (890 bytes)Twins Symbol war-symbol.gif (1175 bytes)War Symbol waterbird-symbol.gif (536 bytes)Waterbird Symbol