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Star Symbols

Stars can form into different images that astrologists interpret in several ways. Stars have also been converted into symbols and can be interpreted into different contexts. In this regard, it pays to take a look at the variety of star symbols and see where they are often used.

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Star Symbols and their meanings


This is a six-pointed star with wavy rays. It can be placed on shields of mighty knights and usually forms part of emblems in a flag. A six-pointed estoile can also be an eight-pointed one in some cases. Altering straight and wavy lines are made to form this star symbol. It basically refers to a celestial star.

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Mullet Representing the rowel of a spur, a mullet is a five-pointed star. It can also be a six-pointed star at some points depending on the number specified on the blazon. In German-Nordic heraldry, though, a six-pointed star is used when the number is not specified. In Gallo-British heraldry, on the other hand, a five-pointed star is presumed when the blazon does not specify any number. This is commonly seen in hieroglyphs and paintings of Ancient Egypt.


Hexagram Otherwise known as sexagram in Latin, this is a 6-pointed star produced from two equilateral triangles. This is a symbol common to religion, history and culture.  It has been a popular star for Jewish identity, Occultism, Hinduism and Islam. It is also applied in mathematics to symbolize the G2 root system.



A symbol most popular to Pythagoreans (they have made use of it to identify each other), the Pentad is a five-pointed star that also means other things. It can represent the number five in a lot of ways but can also be interpreted to mean invulnerability, power and life. Nicomachus, the Greek Philosopher who studied the pentad and its relationship with the Pythagorean says that "Justice is five".

Star of Life

Star of Life This is typically a six-pointed colored-blue star with white borders. On its center, the Rod of Asclepius can be found. This is popular in US logos authenticating ambulances, paramedics and all other Emergency Medical Services or EMS personnel. Similarly, one can also find an orange star of life used by search and rescue personnel.

Star of Lakshmi

Star of Laksmi This is a complex star with eight points. Formed by two squares that are centered at 45-degree angles, this represents the eight forms known as Ashtalakshmi. The star is linked to the goddess Lakshmi and her kinds of wealth. This symbol appeared in the film the Return of the Pink Panther.

Red Star

Red Star If there are things represented by the red star, then that would be religion and ideology. From here, the symbol became famous for various purposes. It can be seen in flags, emblems, logos, ornaments and monuments. It has also been a popular object in architecture especially in the creation of stained-glass windows. It otherwise symbolizes, heraldry, communism and socialism.

Star and Crescent

Star and Crescent If Though recognized widely as a symbol of Islam, the Star and Crescent does not actually have Muslim or Islamic origins. This symbol was used as insignia by the Ottoman Empire, a powerful Muslim power that ruled for long over an extensive area. For the Western world, the Ottomans represented Islam and therefore, they started associating the Star and Crescent with Islam. In fact, these are believed to be celestial symbols that were used by the ancient Siberians and Central Asians to worship the Sky Gods, the Sun and the Moon

Nine-Pointed Star

Nine-Pointed Star In Christian symbology, the nine-pointed star represents the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit that are listed in the Epistle to the Galatians. The symbol may be shown simply as a star or appear with Latin initials of all the fruits (benignitas, bonitus, fides, mansuetudo, continentia, charitas, gaudium, pax and longanimitas) placed inside the star's points.

The nine-pointed star symbol is also associated with the Baha'i Faith that considers the number nine very significant and a symbol of completeness.

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