Symbol of good life, happiness, blessings, longevity, and harmony.

The Five Great Blessings symbol is composed of the Chinese symbol for longevity surrounded by five bats. The word bat in Chinese is similar to the word for happiness. Each of the bats represents one of the five blessings. The five blessings are wealth, health, long life, love of virtue, and peaceful death. Bats themselves also represent longevity as they were associated with immortals. This symbol dates back to around 1500 BC during the Han dynasty. The first mention of the five great blessings comes in The Book of Documents from China. This is a powerful symbol and is sometimes used in the architecture of homes to provide a blessing for the family living in the house. The symbol itself represents blessings and longevity.

The five bat motif is found in many different Chinese symbols. Another design of the five blessings has the bats encircling a symbol for prosperity. This is a symbol representing prosperity from a virtuous life. There is also a symbol of the bats surrounding a round box which symbolizes harmony and blessings for a married couple. This is often found on wedding presents to newlyweds.

Chinese Five Blessings symbol

During the Chinese New Year, the bats are often portrayed on red paper banners in hope that they will have good fortune in the New Year. The banners are often hung upside down to increase the possibility of good fortune. The family members hope that they will have happiness in the new year with prosperity in their jobs. They also hope that the five blessings will also bring new life to newlyweds and a long life to everyone in the home with a peaceful death.


This symbol is often found on royal robes, wind chimes, lanterns, vases, screens, and Chinese art. In modern times the symbol is used for tattoos, on belt buckles, in jewelry, keychains, and more. Many household items such as dishes, bowls, and snuff bottles to bring good fortune and blessing into the homes.  Some Chinese charms depict the Five Great Blessings symbol.

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