Symbol of divinity, doom, destruction.

The Bishop Fish is a sea creature that looks like a monk with a shaved head. It has a fish-shaped body with scales and a large fin, and its fins resemble claws. It also has a large skull-like head that resembles the mitre of a bishop. The legend says that Bishop Fish was captured in the 1400s by some fisherman and was given to the Polish king. The king kept the fish in captivity. A group of Catholic Bishops requested an audience with the fish. The Bishop Fish communicated to the bishops with gestures that it wanted to be released back into the ocean. The bishops talked to the king and convinced him to release the fish. Upon release, the Bishop Fish gave the bishops the sign of the cross before swimming out to sea. Other Bishop Fish have purportedly been captured, but unfortunately, they perished.

According to legend, Bishop Fish has the ability to trap a fisherman’s boat in a storm. They enclose the boat in their large fins and hold it captive. The Bishop Fish can find out where the daughter of the fisherman lives. It then takes the daughter, feasts upon her, and absorbs her energy. When the Bishop Fish is done eating, it releases the ship, and the weather clears up.

Bishop Fish

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