The golden ratio was often used in the design of Greek and Roman architecture.

Sacred geometry is geometry

that is sacred to the observer or discoverer. This meaning is sometimes
described as being the language of the God of the religion of the
people who discovered or used it. Sacred geometry can be described as
attributing a religious or cultural value to the graphical
representation of the mathematical relationships and the design of the
man-made objects that symbolize or represent these mathematical

Making your first Fibonacci spiral: First get some graph paper, with a pencil
draw 2 parallel lines 13 squares long. One on top of the other, look at
the picture below, the 2 lines are the top and bottom of the rectangle.
Next to join the two lines’ ends to make a rectangle. Ok, next you draw a
line at the eighth square to make a square 8 boxes long and eight boxes
high.  The box you just made is box 8 below. Next, in the upper
right-hand corner draw another square 5 boxes long by 5 boxes high,
that will be square number 5 in the picture below. Then you draw
another square 3 boxes by 3 boxes where the number 3 box is below. Next,
you draw a square 2 boxes by 2 boxes like the one below. Next 2 by 2,
and the next 1 by 1.

fibonacciblocks.png (2092 bytes)




Then you draw your spiral which will look
something like this.


fibonacciblocks2.jpg (11942 bytes)



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