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古代のシンボル (Japanese)

  Cancer Symbols

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer is the fourth of the Zodiac signs. It is a water sign and ruled by the Moon. In Greek mythology, Hera sent a crab to fight and defeat Hercules while he was fighting with Hydra. In Chinese symbolism, the crab signifies high social status and prosperity. It represents Trust, Cycles, Emotion, Regeneration, Protection and Transformation.

It could be said that majority born under the sign have contradictory personalities. They could be caring and concerned with family and friends but at the same time, can say mean things to them due to their changing moods. They could be unconventional at times but in an instant could feel downright insecure about themselves.  They are highly sensitive though at times they seem to be harsh and hard.

cancer Symbol cancer Symbol cancer Symbol

One endearing trait is their adaptability. They can take stock of a situation and act accordingly. Persons born under this sign are great friends to have as they are dependable, responsive, loyal and caring. They are at times mysterious and more often than not, difficult to assess. However, their sensitivity makes them depend on others for emotional support and encouragement.  They are also quite intuitive and observant of other people’s intentions. Their weaknesses are their over-sensitivity, moodiness, selfishness, being manipulative and the tendency for self-pity. They do not easily trust people and tend to cling on to the past. 
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