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古代のシンボル (Japanese)

  Sagittarius Symbols

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

The ninth of the Zodiac signs is the Sagittarius, the Archer. A half-man and half-horse called a Chiron was sent to kill the scorpion. In Babylonian mythology, this sign was associated with the evil Pabilsaq. It is a fire element and is fittingly represented by Zeus or Jupiter.

Most Sagittarians are characterized by their sense of adventure, exuberance and love of “life”. They could very well be the most optimistic of all the Zodiac signs. They are known for setting their sights in whatever they want to do and achieve and to who they want to be with. They believe in the inner goodness of men and because of their own system of belief, they want to seek their own “pot of gold”.

Sagittarius Symbol Sagittarius Symbol Sagittarius Symbol

Aside from their optimism, they are very independent, enthusiastic, intelligent and tolerant. They are not jealous or possessive but they could be very excessive, extravagant, unemotional and hot-headed.

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