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  Capricorn Symbols

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn is the tenth of the Zodiac signs. The Goat is an Earth element that is ruled by Saturn. It is known as Amalthea who provided milk for infant Zeus after having been saved by Rhea from the clutches of Cronos.  The word cornucopia means the horn of plenty as it was a broken Capricorn horn. The symbol is associated with courage, curiosity, faith, sturdiness, intelligence, dignity, balance, sacrifice, aloofness, peace, masculinity and virility.

They are ambitious, disciplined, loyal, hardworking, responsible, careful and resourceful. They are centered on their achievements and fulfillments. They do not take risks as they tend to plan every step to reach their goals.  However, these characterizations apply to the “mountain” goat whose life’s goal is to climb and aim high.  The other type of goat is the garden variety goat that does not have any other ambition than to be content with what he has. This goat needs to be pushed hard for it to budge.  However both types of goat are preserving and patient. For negative traits, Capricorns are dictatorial, conceited, unimaginative, distrusting and are perfectionists.

Capricorn Symbol Capricorn Symbol Capricorn Symbol

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