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  Taurus Symbols

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus is the second Zodiac sign. The Babylonian constellation is represented by the Bull with Earth as its element and the ruling planet is Venus. The Greek background is when Zeus turned into a bull to carry off the King of Crete’s daughter Europa.  In Celtic animal symbolism, the bull is a representation of brute physical strength and symbolizes virility and fertility.  In Chinese symbolism, the bull (ox) is symbolic of determination, perseverance, long-suffering and determination. 

A Taurus is generous, dependable, loyal, patient, loving and persistent. They are very practical and are known for their social skills. However, they still manage to stay apart from a group. They have that calm, cool and collected front that seem to exude a type B personality and you can only get close to him but only as close as he wants to. They are not too aggressive with initiating things but once they get into the groove, there is no stopping them as they have determination.

taurus Symbol taurus Symbol taurus Symbol

Taureans are quite stubborn. Once they decide to take a side in an argument, trying to get your point across is akin to talking to a brick wall. They keep their emotions well-hidden and most of the time, you won’t know where you stand.  Their other weaknesses are their materialistic inclination, laziness, self-indulgence and possessiveness. At times, they are not great companions as they tend to be inflexible, withdrawn, sulky and boring. Oftentimes, they refuse any form of change. Once they make a decision it would be hard to sway them to your side. 
taurus Symbol
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