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  Leo Symbols

LEO (July 23 – August 21)

The fifth Zodiac sign is Leo. It is a fire element and rightly so for it is ruled by the Sun. In Egyptian mythology, the Lion represents the “life-giving flood” since the constellation has the Sun during the heavy rain season. In Greek mythology, the Lion is a representation of Nemean Lion that Hercules killed. The sign represents Power, Exuberance and Expanse.

For Leos, love is always in the air as the heart rules them. They are born fortunate and seem to breeze through life’s storms. Charismatic and optimistic, Leos are popular and have plenty of friends.  Lions are often committed to a relationship. They are faithful and devoted but once their trust is abused or their heart broken, it would be hard to get their forgiveness. In the event that they do forgive, forgetting is another issue.  Leos have been known to walk away from failed relationships and can also leave a friend or a lover in a lurch.

leo Symbol leo Symbol leo Symbol

On the other hand, Leos are assertive, ambitious, encouraging, confident, loyal, responsible and generous. They are quite sociable and independent. They love to be flattered yet they treat others with equality and respect. As negative traits, Leos are known to be arrogant, pretentious, domineering, extravagant and stubborn. They have high regards of themselves and think they are honorable and esteemed. They want the best of everything and won’t settle for second best. Leos are very proud and arrogant. 

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