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  Libra Symbols

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Libra is the seventh of the Zodiac signs. It is an air element and is ruled by the planet Venus. Represented by Scales, it is the only non-living Zodiac sign. In Greek mythology, the scale held by Astraea is Libra. It is said that the scale is made of Scorpion claws chopped by the Romans during autumn equinox.  Libra signifies justice, balance, stability and equanimity.

Librans like to surround themselves with beauty and harmony. At times, they tend to overdo it. Since Venus rules them, Librans are caring and understanding. They are intuitive yet at times are shy and quiet. However, they are keen debaters and readily speak their minds.

libra Symbol libra Symbol libra Symbol

Librans are diplomatic, artistic, graceful, idealistic, objective, hospitable and peaceful. They are extroverts and love to interact with others. They love new situations, adventures art and nature. They could be effective mediators and diplomats since they feel the responsibility to keep harmony and peace.  Librans always stand up for justice. Their weaknesses are being indecisiveness, unreliability, superficiality, thoughtlessness and flirtatiousness. They are also slow decision-makers. 

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