Symbolizes freedom, helpfulness, and sacrifice.

This symbol is found in the Unitarian Church. The chalice is off-center. This is based on the off-center cross design of the church which symbolizes room for love and religion from other sources. The two circles were originally drawn to symbolize the acceptance of man into the spiritual world. The chalice represents freedom from religious oppression, with the flame symbolizing memory of those who died from religious persecution.

The Flaming Chalice was designed for the Unitarian Church during World War II. It was used as a symbol of freedom for those being persecuted by the Nazis. During World War II the Unitarians developed an underground railroad for people being sought after by the Nazis. The symbol could be found on the outside of houses and other safe places along the way where the persecuted could find peace.

When the American Universalists and the Unitarians merged in the nineteen sixties, they took on the symbol to represent their merger.

The Flamin Chalice

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