A Symbol of motherhood, fertility, eternal life, and magic.

Isis is an Ancient Egyptian goddess. She is known for the Osiris myth, where she resurrected her dead husband in order to produce a son, Horus, who would be heir to the throne. Because Isis resurrected Osiris and performed funeral rites, Osiris was allowed to live on in the underworld. She is the goddess of fertility, motherhood, and magic. There are a few symbols that are associated with Isis.

The tyet symbol is the most common symbol for Isis. Its looped form bears a resemblance to an Ankh. It is sometimes called the knot of Isis, and it stands for her protection. It is also associated with resurrection and eternal life. The tyet was used in funerary rites.

Depictions of the goddess Isis show her wearing an empty throne on her head. The throne symbolizes her time of waiting for Horus to take the throne. Later, after she took on the role of Hathor, she was depicted wearing the horns of a cow with a solar disk between them. Usually, she is depicted with wings representing her sacred animal, the kite.

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