Theosophy refers to the ancient, esoteric knowledge that seeks to answer the biggest questions in life. Sometimes called ‘ageless wisdom’, it offers an insight into the mysteries of the origin of this universe and the purpose of all creation in the world. It helps in comprehending the concepts of humanity and divinity and assists in understanding the ties that interconnect everything in the universe and unite humanity with the divine.

The term ‘theosophy’ is derived from the Greek words ‘Theos’ and ‘Sophia’, which literally translate into ‘God’s wisdom’. So, theosophy means knowledge and understanding of the divine matters. Theosophists dedicate their energies towards examining and analyzing the universe, nature, divinity, and humanity as well as their reciprocal effects on each other. By doing so, they strive to discover the divine truths and experience self-realization.

The use of the term ‘theosophy’ as a synonym for theology (the rational study of the concepts related to God) has been seen as far back as the third century. Modern theosophy began in the sixteenth century in Germany. Interest in it grew stronger and spread far and wide over the centuries. The late nineteenth century saw the emergence of theosophical initiate societies such as The Theosophical Society founded in 1875 by Helena Blavatsky and others, and The Esoteric Society founded by Helena Blavatsky.

The popularity of Blavatsky’s ideas spawned several organizations that came to be regarded as new religious movements. However, theosophy is believed to present only the perennial wisdom that underlies all the philosophies, religions and sciences in the world. Its basic premise is that everything originates from the same eternal source; all mankind is one spiritual family and a compassionate way of living, free of religious and other antagonisms, can ensure a glorious future for humanity.

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