Symbol of power, virility, the hunt

The horned god symbol has roots in Europe. It dates back to Paleolithic times. One of the first sightings was on a cave wall in France from around 13,000 BC. The image is called the Sorcerer and it is believed to depict the Great Spirit or master of animals. In Greek mythology, Osiris was the horned god of fertility, rebirth, and the underworld. In Celtic paganism, the god Cernunnos is depicted with horns. He was the god of fertility, the underworld, animals, life, and wealth.

These gods are all a part of the Wiccan religion, which uses the horned god symbol to represent the masculine polarity of the universe. The Horned God is an equal opposite of the Goddess in the Wiccan religion.

In newer Wiccan traditions, there is more emphasis on the Goddess. The Horned God impregnates the Goddess in the winter months, dies in autumn, and is reborn in winter. The Horned God is a mediator between the people and a larger unknown deity. The Horned God’s main function is to impregnate the goddess.

Today, the symbol represents Wicca and is found in fantasy and science fiction novels.

One representation of the horned god is a curve above a circle. The horns symbolize male virility and spiritual power. It also represents the crescent moon, which is associated with goddesses.

Horned god

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