Symbol of jealousy, power, monstrous forces.

The Typhon symbol looks like the number six with a curved lower tail. Typhon was from the Ancient Greek myths. He was called the father of all monsters. Typhon is described as a half-human, half-winged beast with serpents’ heads springing out of his shoulder. He spits venom, and his arm span reaches from the far west of the world to the far east. He produced hurricanes with his wings. Typhon caused all the storms in the world. Typhon’s lineage is uncertain, but many believe he was born just of Hera. She is the goddess of women and is known for her jealousy. Typhoons were powerful and dangerous. According to Hesiod, Typhon’s mother was Gaia, and she gave birth to him after the gods destroyed the giants on Earth. Typhon had been described as lawless and outrageous.


Typhon was married to Echidna. Their offspring included Cerberus, the three-headed dog guarded hell, the Leraean Hydra, who regrew her many heads, and Orthrus, a two-headed dog. Orthrus guarded Geryon’s cattle.

Typhon challenged Zeus for his throne, and there was a mighty battle. The oceans boiled, and the earth shook. Mighty waves overtook the land, and the wind blazed hot. There were thunderbolts in the dark sky. Typhon managed to capture Zeus and put him in a cave. Typhon cut Zeus’ tendons so he could not fight. Hermes healed Zeus, and he could go back to Mt. Olympus. Typhon had scared away all the other gods. Zeus hit Typhon with a mighty thunderbolt and killed him. He is buried under Mt. Etna and continues to vent his rage every now and then with eruptions from the volcano above him.

In modern times, there is an asteroid named after Typhon. There is also a Fortnite team named after the monster. A gaming video creator company also holds the name Typhon. An amateur football team is named the FC Typhon. A studio in the UK is called Typhon Studios and uses the Typhon symbol in its name. Colleges also use a student tracking system called the Typhon Group. The Typhon symbol can be found on jewelry and has been used by tattoo artists. The symbol is also a representative of hurricanes by United States weather forecasters.

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