Created in 1940 by an agricultural geneticist, Dr. Derald Langham, the Genesa Crystal takes the shape of a circular geometric sculpture that holds the full potential for infinite love, wisdom, energy, and faith for an infinite velocity and eternal time. He discovered this magical shape through his studies of cell development, wherein he saw that all living things shared an 8-cell stage of development. Dr. Langham noticed that plants grew healthier and better when he used this circular shape in gardening and planting in South America.Genesa Crystal

Genesa Crystal
By the artist David Weitzman

Looking at the Genesa Crystal closely reveals five platonic solids (the building blocks of organic life) within its design, giving the shape much mystical power. It is said that the Genesa Crystal can be used to promote harmony, increase physical well-being, improve emotional control and mental clarity and increase vital energy. Many people use huge, life-sized Genesa Crystals as a conducive place for meditation and prayer, while others wear Genesa Crystal pendants to align the spiritual body with the physical body and to enhance healing. Others also use the Genesa Crystal to attract love, peace and good health within an environment. Some even put stones inside the shape to enhance its power.

The Genesa Crystal may be used for cleansing the environment, promoting healing for medical conditions, achieving balance in life or as an aid in meditation, yoga and spiritual breathing.

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