Symbol of protection, birth, heaven, fire, sun

The Garuda is a large bird. He is usually shown as a mix of human and bird features. Garuda can also be shown as a big bird with semi-opened wings. He is associated with Vishnu, a nature spirit of Jain Tirthankara Shantinatha, and an Astasena and dharma-protector in Buddhism. He protects you from the serpent, which is a symbol of the underworld and death.

Garuda was born of Kasyapa and Vinata. Vinata had a fight with her co-wife, Kadru, who was the queen of serpents. That is why Garuda does not like serpents. Garunda is married to Unnati and has a son named Sampati. Garuda appears in many mythological tales. He fought Kaliya, the many-headed serpent, he ate evil men, he attacked the Ocean on behalf of a sparrow, and he tried to steal the water of life in an epic battle with Indra. He is able to shrink and grow at will, and when he was born, he almost destroyed everything in a large fireball. Garuda is immune to snake venom, according to the legends.

Garuda appears in statues with human heads or eagle heads. His body is gold, his face is white, and his wings are red. While Hindus depict Garuda with more human features, he still maintains his bird head in other cultures. Buddhists depict him as the most bird-like but with a round belly and head. His wings are said to be a mile wide, and he is big enough to blot out the sun. Garuda is sometimes pictured with Varuda riding astride him in the sky.

The Garuda represents the Buddhist’s virtue of wisdom. He is one of the Four Dignitaries in Buddhism.


A talisman of Garuda is used to protect people from poison. Symbols of Garuda are believed to protect people from evil and danger. He drives away negative spirits, black magic, evil spells, and poisons.

The symbols of Garuda live on today around Bali, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and India. The tallest statue of Garuda can be found in Bali. Indonesia’s coat of arms is a depiction of Garuda. The coat of arms has seventeen feathers on the wings, eight feathers make up its tail, nineteen feathers on the base, and forty-five feathers on its neck combined to reveal the date that Indonesia became independent. Indonesia got its independence on the 17th of August, 1945. The brigade of the Guards and Garud commando force are Indian forces that use the Garuda symbol. The Garuda is the symbol of the capital city of Mongolia and the national symbol of Thailand.

In the film, A Night in the Museum and in the television show Lost Girls a Garuda appears. There is also a wasp species named after Garuda. Garuda is also represented in the video games Final Fantasy, War Games, and Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. In the card game, Shadowverse Garuda is Garuda, Leader of Storms.

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