Symbol of the Sun, power, and earth

The sun cross is a very old symbol that dates back to before the Bronze Age. It is comprised of a circle with a cross in the interior. This symbol first represented the wheel and the power it brought to society. Later, the circle represented the sun and the interior a cross. It is a symbol of power that was taken on by ancient kings, as the sun was considered the symbol of the highest power.

This symbol has been used around the world. It was first found on cave walls and was recorded on some of the first written documents. The meaning of the symbol has changed over the years from power to earth. Alchemists used this as a symbol for copper alloys, which are associated with the Earth. Astrologists also use this symbol to represent the Earth. Christians use it as a symbol of power as opposed to earth, which is a link back to its original use. They also use it as a symbol for a halo, which denotes saints and angels who are more powerful than men.

The sun wheel, which is also called the Celtic cross, is a deviation of the sun cross and is a symbol of the sun. It can be found in Nordic churches where it was originally used as a symbol representing Odin the most powerful Norse god who was a father to all of the other Norse gods. Native Americans also used it in America.

Today, one can find drawings of the symbol on houses and business to represent a safe haven for travelers. Meteorologists also use it to signal poor visibility.

The Sun Cross

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