Maat (also known as Ma’at, Mayet or Maae’t) is the Egyptian Goddess symbolizing cosmic order, truth, justice, morality, harmony, stability, and balance. Depicted as a woman wearing an ostrich feather on the head, and holding an ankh in one hand and a scepter in the other, the Goddess is said to be the daughter of Sun God, Ra and the consort of the Moon God, Thoth. Maat was revered even by the Gods.

The Goddess is symbolically represented by an Ostrich Feather. It is a strong Egyptian belief that after death, the dead are judged in the Hall of Maat, where their conscience (heart) is weighed against the feather. A heart heavier than the feather denoted a life of wicked deeds and such a soul would be devoured by Goddess Ammit, while balanced scales indicated an honorable life and such a soul would be welcomed by God Osiris.

Besides being venerated as a deity, Maat is also embraced as a concept or principle that keeps the universe in order and without which everything would perish. The ancient Egyptians thought that Maat bound the universe, nature, and man in unity. They believed that truthfulness, honesty, fair dealings and correct ritual & public life was necessary to create cosmic harmony. Not adhering to the Maat principles would cause a disturbance in this harmony and plunge all creation into chaos.





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