Symbol of calmness, fertility, birth, rebirth.

Thalassa is the divine female personification of the sea. She had a male counterpart named Pontos. Thalassa is the mother of Halaia, a sea nymph, and Telchines who were fish children. Her siblings include Caelus, the god of the sky, and Terra, the goddess of the earth. Thalassa is considered the sea itself although she has been depicted as a woman wrapped in seaweed, holding a dolphin in one hand and an oar in the other. She also has horns on her head in the shape of crab claws. She is a primordial deity, one of the first generation of gods and goddesses.

Thalassa Symbol
Thalassa Symbol

Thalassa symbolizes calmness. She said she would stay calm if it was not for the wind. She does not make waves that wreck ships, the wind does. She is considered the mother of Aphrodite. Thalassa symbolizes the maternal Deep from which the universe was born. She is a symbol of fertility. She also symbolizes life, birth, and rebirth from the baptismal seas in Babylon and Egypt.

Images of Thalassa have been found on coins and ancient paintings. She was mentioned in Aesops’s Fables. In modern times Thalassa can be found in paintings, tattoos, and on jewelry. There is a restaurant by the sea in Goa, India called Thalassa. There was a television series in 1975 called Thalassa the magazine of the sea which focused on yachting and the sea. The show was produced in France. A depiction of Thalassa was used in an art installation at the New Orleans Museum of Art. In Greece, there is a restaurant and bar called Thalassa. There are many ships named after Thalassa including a drillship, a boat from the Netherlands, and a container ship.

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