Shield of Trinity symbol, also known as the Scutum Fidei, is a Christian symbol depicting the concept of the Holy Trinity. This diagrammatic representation has been found to have been in use as long back as the twelfth century for helping proclaim the fundamental Christian doctrine that the Almighty God is manifest in 3 distinct ways – as the Father, the Son (Jesus) & the Holy Spirit.

The classical Shield of the Trinity emblem is shaped as a downward pointing triangle that is formed by three same length bars and has a circle at each vertex. There is a fourth circle in the center of this triangle and it is joined by equal length bars to the outer circles. The three circles on the outside have one Latin word written in each – Pater (Father), Filius (Son) and Spus Scus (Holy Spirit) and the circle in the middle carries Deus (God). The inner connecting lines have Est (is) written in them, while the outer ones have Non-Est (is not). The links in the diagram are non-directional and the words may be read from any beginning point and in any direction. This beautiful staging of words and formation of sentences emphasizes the undivided, unending nature and eternity of the Holy Trinity.

There are many versions of the Shield of the Trinity. Some of these variations include having the triangle pointing upwards, putting curved bars in place of straight bars, putting triangles in place of circles, or having a star in the middle instead of triangle or circle.

Shield of the Trinity


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