Symbol of warriors, pirates, justice, destruction, plague, disaster.

Fomorians came from ancient Ireland. They were considered monstrous beings from under the earth and the sea. They are gods who are destructive and harmful. Later, they were thought to be pirates rampaging through coastal cities. There are at least seventeen different Fomorians. They intermarried with the Tuath De, gods of civilization and growth.

Some of the Fomorians were darkly beautiful; others had only one arm, leg, and eye. The ones who were deformed were so because of an ancient curse. In earlier times, they were likened to spirits who dwelled under the earth. The beautiful ones had relations with the Tuath De.

Some feel the Fomorians sailed to Ireland from Asia or Africa, while others were depicted as giants with the heads of goats. They were considered to be the first settlers of Ireland. They were a warring culture and defeated their enemies and others who wanted to settle in Ireland.

One king of the Fomorians was Elatha, who symbolized justice. His son wanted to go to war with the Tuath De, but Elatha found no reason for war, so he held back. He felt war with the Tuath De would be unjust. Another king was named Balor, who was known to be destructive. He was a one-eyed giant. His eye would kill anyone who looked upon it. Balor’s wife was Cethlenn. She mortally wounded The Dagada, king of the Tuath De.

The Fomorians controlled certain elements that caused damage, such as plague, winter, and crop blight. They released a plague against the Partholons, who wanted to conquer Ireland.
The Tuath De defeated the Fomorians after their second battle and took control of Ireland.

Images of Fomorians can be found on paintings and tattoos. In modern times, Fomorians are mentioned in video games and other role-playing games.


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