Symbol of intelligence, interconnectedness, curiosity, energy, fearlessness, and clarity.

Blue jays are symbolic to Native Americans. They are considered air animal totems. Blue jays have brilliant blue wings and a white breast. The blue feathers of the blue jay against the blue sky represent a double clarity and a clear inner vision. They are fearless and will do anything to protect their home and family. Because blue jays prefer to nest in oaks and fir trees they are associated with endurance, strength, and longevity, just like the trees. Blue jays are naturally curious birds and will pick up anything shiny or interesting to them. Blue jays have also been known to mimic other birds and even humans.

In Native American folklore, they play tricksters and are fearless. They help humans in a roundabout, clever way.

Today, there are sports teams named after the blue jay. In baseball, there are the Toronto Blue Jays, high school basketball and football teams, and more. The blue jay symbol has also been used for businesses and phone cases. Johns Hopkins offers a Green Blue Jay Award for team members who are committed to sustainability and have shown actions to help with conservation.

Blue Jay

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