Symbol of ancestry, Dreamtime, Creation

Uluru Rock
Desert Moon by Mark Gray

The Uluru or Ayers Rock is the symbol of Australia. It also symbolizes Indigenous land rights. The Uluru is a large natural sandstone formation in the center of Australia, and it plays a part in the Aboriginal Dreamtime story.  The Aboriginal people believe Uluru was created at the beginning of time by the ten ancestors. The Aborigines believed that the Uluru is one of the original creations of their ancestors, and there are many petroglyphs found on the large rock devoted to Dreamtime. By touching the rock, Aboriginal people believe they can communicate with their ancestors and Dreamtime.

Dreamtime is the Aboriginal creation story. With the beginning of Dreamtime came existence, knowledge, and laws. Dreamtime is still continuing today. It is called Dreaming. The world before the Dreamtime was flat and dark. The ancient ancestors broke through the crust of the earth and formed the world as we know it today. The Uluru monument is proof that they broke through the earth and created the natural formations.

The Uluru monument is a sacred site to the Aboriginal people, and the area has several dreaming trails. The monument has been used for ceremonial rites of passage for over 10.000 years. It was originally named Uluru by local Aboriginal tribes. In 1872, a surveyor named it Ayers Rock. In 2002 it was renamed Ulury/Ayers Rock to acknowledge the original Aboriginal name.

Uluru Symbol
Uluru Symbol

Uluru is now a national park where Aboriginal people come and perform ceremonies. The general public is allowed into the park but they are discouraged from climbing Uluru. Many signs around the park let the general population know this is a sacred area for Aboriginal people. 

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