Symbol of pure consciousness of the soul

The Lotus Carrying Namam is a symbol for the Ayyavazhi religion which is a branch of Hinduism. It has been used as a symbol since the 1940’s. The lotus represents the crown chakra or the final chakra. The flame, or Namam, represents the soul or self.

The Lotus carrying Namam is made up of two distinct features. The bottom is a lotus flower with seven leaves pointing upward and seven leaves below. The flower is the 1008 petaled Shasasrara chakra representing pure consciousness. The other chakras were thought to emanate from the Shasasrara. A chakra is a point of spiritual power in the human body. The flame which is a Namam represents the soul.

Today this symbol is used by the Ayyavazhi religion.

Lotus Carrying Namam

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