Symbol of messenger, sin, sacrifice, devil, demon.

The symbol for Azazel is a triangle without a bottom facing up and another on top of it facing down, creating a perfect triangle in the middle. Through the triangles and extending outwards is a line with circles on each end. The open triangles also have circles on their ends. The whole symbol is tilted slightly off-center.

Azazel was considered a messenger to God by ancient Syrians. The community would put their sins inside a lamb and then sacrifice it to Azazel, hoping he would take their sins to God to be forgiven. Later, they used goats in the sacrifice. To get the most blood from the goats for a sacrifice, they would scrape the fur off of the goats before killing them to atone for their sins. This is the origin of the word scapegoat, a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings of others. On the Jewish day of Atonement, goats were sacrificed to the Messenger God, Azazel.

Azazel Symbol
Azazel Symbol

Azazel was also believed to have told Eve God’s secrets and thus brought the downfall of humanity. Some Moselems also felt that Azazel was a rebellious angel against God. Demonologists in the Middle Ages proclaimed Azazel a demon who lived in the pit of hell and would be called forth during exorcisms.

In the Book of Enoch, an ancient Hebrew text, Azazel was one of The Watchers, a group of fallen angels on earth. Azazel taught women to decorate their bodies to seduce men and taught men warfare. Azazel also taught the people the secrets of witchcraft. Because of these things, Raphael bound Azazel to a rock to remain there for eternity, waiting to be thrown into a fire on the Day of Judgment when God would judge everything.

In the Apocalypse of Abraham, it is suggested that Azazel is the devil himself who will burn the wicked of the earth. Seventh-day Adventists also believe that Azazel is the devil.

In modern times, the Azazel symbol has appeared in television shows. Azazel also appears as a supervillain in Marvel comics. An electronica band has a song named Azazel. Dawn of Azazel is a heavy metal band from New Zealand. The symbol can be found on tattoos, posters, jewelry, and t-shirts.

Azazel Symbol
Azazel Symbol

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