One of the most recognizable symbols of communism, the Hammer and Sickle represent the unity of the industrial working class proletariat and rural peasantry. The hammer denotes the industrial laborers, while the sickle stands for the agrarian ones. The emblem was developed around the Russian Revolution to glorify a changing regime and a re-invented social order. It was also seen as defining the parameters of the post-revolutionary Russia.

As a symbol of equality, the Hammer and Sickle captured the ethos of the rebellion and sought to replace the imperial images that had become entrenched in the public psyche since generations.

Over the years, the Hammer and Sickle symbol took on several other meanings. With the hammer representing power and the sickle symbolizing efficiency, their union came to signify the winning combination of power & efficiency. When used in the context of gender, the symbol implies and encourages the notion of gender equality. The hammer is associated with man, whereas the sickle stands for women. Together, they indicate the need for and importance of having the men and women working side by side for the betterment of the society. Another association of the symbol has the hammer equated with city and urbanity and the sickle likened to the village and rural backwardness. Collectively, they represent the harmony between the two ways of life.

The Hammer and Sickle were adopted as its official symbol by Soviet Russia in 1924. Ever since it has become an international political emblem representing different socialist states and communist parties all over the world.

Hammer and Sickle


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