Symbol of truth, humility, protection, honor, and courage.

The Maltese cross is similar to a star shape. It is a cross with v shapes on the ends. It was initially associated with the Knights Hospitallers, who were involved with the Crusades during the medieval period. The Knights went to Malta and carried this cross with them. The Knights placed images of the cross all over the island of Malta on buildings, coins, forts, and jewelry.

The eight points of the cross represent both the lands of origins of the Knights Hospitallers and the eight obligations of the Knights. The obligations include being truthful, having faith, repenting sins, being humble, striving for justice, showing mercy, being wholehearted, and enduring persecution.

Today, the cross is still found all over Malta. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta wears it. To them, the eight points represent eight beatitudes, which depict the ultimate purpose of human acts in the Christian faith. It is also found on Malta’s tourism industry, it’s sports teams and Air Malta.

The cross is also found all over the world. It is used by different militias to signify bravery. Germany, France, the Philippines, Sweden, and Poland all use the cross on their highest medals of honour. It is also inscribed on many coats of arms.

The Maltese cross is also used in the medical field as logos for companies, fraternities, and sports clubs worldwide.

The Maltese cross is still considered a symbol of honour and courage worldwide.

The Maltese cross

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