Symbol of servitude, nobility, power.

Bucephalus was Alexander the Great’s horse. Bucephalus was famous for its size and unusual markings. It had a star on top of his head and was the largest horse anyone had seen in Macedon. Initially brought in front of Philip, Alexander’s father, Bucephalus was found to be too rowdy and untamable. Alexander bet his father that he could tame Bucephalus. If he could not, Alexander himself would pay for the horse. Philip agreed to the arrangement, and Alexander walked over to Bucephalus. What Alexander had noticed was that Bucephalus was afraid of its shadow. Once Alexander had Bucephalus facing the sun, he could mount the horse. Seeing his son achieve this notable task, Philip foretold that Alexander would rule over a much larger kingdom than Macedon. Alexander proved his father correct. He rode Bucephalus into every battle he fought. In his last battle, Bucephalus died while fighting. Alexander named a city after Bucephalus.


Bucephalus would not let anyone else ride him. The horse only rode towards the sun and was devoted to Alexander. Bucephalus served Alexander as a faithful servant to his dying day. Some tales say that Alexander and Bucephalus were destined to meet and were born on the same day.

The bucephalus symbolized servitude and power. The horse served Alexander and helped him conquer the lands where the sun rose. Alexander’s kingdom stretched into northern India. Statues and paintings have been created depicting Alexander taming and riding Bucephalus. Coins and jewelry depicted Bucephalus in ancient times.

In modern times, the Bucephalus symbol has been used in anime and films. A Pro horse ranch in Germany uses Bucephalus as their logo. A manufacturer of electric vehicles is named after the horse and shows Bucephalus in their golden logo. A sportswear company is also named after Bucephalus. They put Bucephalus in the middle of a crest as their logo. Project Bucephalus Robotics is an Australian robotics group named after Alexander’s horse. Their logo depicts Bucephalus as a robotic horse. The Bucephalus symbol can also be found depicted on jewelry.

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