The heart-shaped Buddhi Leaf (or Bodhi Leaf) comes from the Tree (now called the Buddhi or Bodhi Tree) in Bodh Gaya, wherein Siddhartha Gautama sat under to meditate, thereby reaching enlightenment. It is said that this tree was a very large fig tree. Buddha then spent one entire week in front of the tree, staring at it with unblinking eyes after his Enlightenment.

Early Indian also depicts the god Vishnu seated among Buddhi Leaves, seemingly looking out into the universe with infinite wisdom and energy. As such, the symbol has also been used to bring good, bright energy, spiritual vision and lively thoughtfulness. It can also mean the perfection of wisdom or the highest state of being that man can achieve, through diligence and meditation.

Buddhi Leaf ring


The Buddhi Leaf is also considered a sacred symbol for diligence and as a reminder and inspiration that indicate the paths to enlightenment. Its shape alone gives deep and mystical power that can lead to peace and help one in the search for inner awakening and awareness. It can also be a reminder of the innocence and openness that one must achieve or maintain in his mind, in order to walk the path to enlightenment.

Buddhi Leaf ring


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