Symbol of idolatry, sensual pleasure, wealth, power, capitalism.

The Golden Calf symbol came from the Canaanites who from the Bronze age lived in the ancient Levant. Their supreme god was El and he was symbolized by a Golden Calf. The Golden Calf is found in the Bible. It is a symbol of idolatry. Moses led his people out of Israel and demonstrated miracles from God. While they were in a camp, Moses went away for forty days. In order to keep the people happy and worshiping Aron build two Golden Calf statues. When Moses returned with the Ten Commandments he was irate that the people were worshiping the calves and not God. Moses smashed the golden calves. The Golden Calf symbolized material things such as power, wealth, or sensual pleasure.

Golden Calf
Golden Calf

In modern times the Golden Calf symbolizes idolatry and wealth. Some critics compare Wall Street to the Canaanites as the symbol for Wall Street is a bull. An artist created a golden calf statue that condemned capitalism. The Golden Calf symbol is used in comics to show idolatry. The Golden Calf symbol can be found in tattoos, jewelry, and artworks.

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