A Symbol of wonderful luck, bad luck, untrustworthy, dangerous, rich, famous, stress, unhealthy, struggle, hardships, cheaters, talkativeness, happiness, fame, perseverance, hatred, hard work, progress, wisdom, wildness.

Teeth have symbolized many things throughout time. From the Vedic religion in ancient India, teeth have different meanings. Teeth that do not overlap and are perfectly aligned symbolize wonderful luck. If your teeth are slightly yellow but lean more toward white, you will also have good luck. Whereas teeth that are completely brilliantly white are considered bad luck. Crooked teeth are also considered bad luck. If a person has thin teeth, they are dangerous and untrustworthy. If a person had all their teeth, they would be rich and famous. A person with less than twenty-five teeth will have health problems and be stressed. A person with less than twenty-five teeth will struggle and have hardships. Teeth that have gaps are a symbol of cheaters, while teeth with a small gap symbolize talkativeness.

Teeth Symbol

The Bambara tribe from Ancient West Africa felt that different teeth had different symbolic meanings. Incisors were a symbol of happiness and fame. The molars symbolize perseverance, while the canines symbolize hatred and hard work.

In modern times, teeth tattoos are common. If there is a tattoo of a molar, it symbolizes progress. Wisdom teeth tattoos symbolize wisdom, and canine tattoos symbolize the wild.

Teeth symbols can be found in dental office logos, jewelry, and tattoos. Some bakeries also have tooth logos with the moniker sweet tooth in the logo.

Teeth tattoos
Teeth tattoos

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