Symbol of transformation, Divine Love, breath, and healing.

Kali Yantra

This symbol represents the Goddess Kali combined with the Yantra, a meditative symbol. The outer part of the symbol represents the world in its four directions. It can also represent the four winds and the four primal rivers. The two circles symbolize birth and death. The petals inside symbolize the lotus blossom, the eight chakras, and Kali as nurturer. The dark around the triangle symbolizes Kali as the Destroyer. The five layers of the triangle symbolize the five sheaths of the human condition, including the physical sheath, the life force, the emotional sheath, wisdom, and bliss. The downward-facing triangle symbolizes the yoni yantra, which signifies the Mother Goddess and female regenerative power, and the point in the middle of the triangle is the Bindu, which symbolizes new life and new birth.

Kali is the Hindu Goddess of time and change. Kali was birthed out of the forehead of Durga, the Goddess of War, when Durga was battling the demon Raktabija. Whenever Raktabija’s blood spilled on the earth, more of him formed from the droplets. Kali devoured Raktabija and his duplicates and danced on their corpses. Kali symbolizes the destruction of the ego. She is the Divine Mother whose essence is Divine Love. The symbol combines mind-focusing with Kali’s transformative powers. Meditating on this symbol helps to give a person the ability to transform and heal.

Kali Yantra
Kali Yantra

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