The Chinese believe that the frog symbolizes good luck because it is associated with water, which is necessary for survival. In early China, images of frogs were put on drums for the purpose of calling for thunder and rain. This frog is thought to have been the personal pet of the Chinese god of wealth and is connected to the astrophysical yin, with its spirit representing prosperity in business and healing (Dengarden, 2014). However, if this symbol is used in a water well, it signifies ignorance. The three-legged money frog is very popular and is usually associated with Feng Shui, and putting it in the wrong place can be disastrous. It is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to a home or a business. This mythical creature is said to emerge during a full moon near houses or businesses that will soon become wealthy.

This frog usually has an old Chinese coin in its mouth, a crown on its head, and sits on a bed of coins. The coin with the good fortune symbol faces upward to attract wealth, and the coins around its feet offer protection from misfortunes.  The Chinese place the frog on a low shelf facing their front door, especially in a corner that is diagonally opposite the door, because this location is in line with the universal flow of chi. It is never placed in a kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, but all other rooms are okay (, 2012). The frog can be placed in a bowl of gold coins for a more substantial effect.
A home usually needs only one frog, but businesses can have more than one. In a business, the frog is hidden behind another item because if left in the open, it sends the wrong message to customers; that their money is the only important thing. The user of the good luck frog has to, however, set their mind to be in a state of constant fortune attraction because if they are thinking of attracting something other than money, then it will not work (Good Luck Charms, n.d). This symbol is made from different metals, colors, and sizes, and can be carried around on the body as a tattoo or pendant in order to have their good fortune charm available to them at all times.

Chinese three-legged frog
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