The World Triad is a symbol that has universal significance. It can be found all over the world, across different cultures, throughout history. The Triad or the concept of threeness has been treated as sacred since ancient times. It is seen as the unity of the body, the mind, and the spirit, and is believed to symbolize physical growth, mental development, and spiritual awakening.

Originally, the World Triad was an oriental symbol, but the western Gnostics adopted it as an emblem denoting the three-fold nature of fate and reality. It represents cosmic creativity and stands for the cycles of time that keep spiraling endlessly.

The circular symbol of the World Triad is representative of the continuing movement of the Earth. It can even be understood as a reflection of the inter-dependence and inter-connectedness of all existence. Meditation on the World Triad symbol is believed to promote harmony, creativity, and self-confidence.

Like the Chinese Yin Yang, the World Triad also symbolizes the eternity of the forces at play in the cosmos, with harmonious balance existing between the conflicting forces. In Tibet and Bhutan, the World Triad symbol is considered the sign of Trimurti and referred to as the Cosmic Mandala. The Japanese know of it as the Mitsu-tomoe or Magatama, which is representative of the human spirit.

World Triad


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