The Hedjet is the name of the formal pharaonic crown that formed a part of the regalia adopted by the kingship of Upper Egypt. It was a tall conical headpiece and was white in color. Throughout the long and rich history of Lower and Upper Egypt, the pharaohs are depicted in their unique glorious regalia that conveys the existence of two distinct nations unified under one monarch. The typical crowns – Red Crown (Deshret) representing Lower Egypt and White Crown (Hedjet) representing Upper Egypt – were a significant part of the regal symbolism. After the country’s unification, the Hedjet was combined with the Deshret to make the Pschent, Egypt’s Double Crown.

Hedjet is related with several Egyptian deities. There are many instances where Goddess Nekhbet has been shown wearing it and Horus, the Falcon God too has often been depicted in the White Crown. God Osiris has also been associated with the Hedjet as it combines with red ostrich feathers to form the unique Atef crown of Osiris.
The materials from which the Hedjet was constructed are a subject of pure speculation as no White Crown has been found until now. It indicates that the crown might have been passed on to the succeeding monarchs, as usually happens in the present-day monarchies.



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