Symbol of rulership and faith.

The Patriarchal cross is a cross with an extra crossbeam near the top. This symbol has been used in Christianity since 1100. This symbol is used in different divisions of the Christian church. It was first seen in a book in ancient Samaria.

The upper bar has different meanings. When people were crucified their names were written on a plaque on the top of the cross. The upper beam represents those plaques. Another representation has to do with Jesus Christ specifically. This representation is that the upper beam represents his death and the other his resurrection. Byzantine emperors believed that the first beam represents secular power and the second beam represents their ecclesiastical power.

This cross was used by the Knights Templar and the heraldic arms of archbishops.

Today the symbol is used by the Christian church in processions. It is usually carried by the Bishop who is the leader of the church. It is also a part of the Hungarian coat of arms.

Patriarchal cross

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