Symbol of power, goodness, magic, misfortune, and evil.

Anguipedes had serpents for tails or legs and either a rooster, lion or human head. Abraxas, from Persian origins, was one of the most famous anguiped. He was the ruler of the 365 heavens according to ancient Greecian texts and was called the First Principle. Later the Catholic church called him a demon, but his origins were as a god.

Another well-known anguiped that carried the whip of Helios, the sun god and a shield was called Elias and was the god that Jesus called to when he was being crucified. This belief was held by a cult of people who combined paganism and Judaism in ancient times.

Anguiped Symbol

Typhon was depicted as an anguiped in ancient Greco-Roman art close to 400 BC. Typhon was one of the most deadly serpents in Greek mythology. Gaia bore Typhon after the gods destroyed the Giants she had birthed. Typhon challenged Zeus to a battle for the cosmos but lost. Typhon was married to Echidna, another anguiped who had the body of a woman and the legs of a serpent. She gave birth to many creatures including Cerberus, the dog who guarded the gates of hell, Chimera who breathed fire and had the body of a lion, and the tail of a serpent. She was also the grandmother to many other monsters.

The Giants were also anguipedes. They were the children of Gaia and Uranus. The Giants battled the gods and were vanquished. Jupiter, the god of thunder has been depicted riding an anguiped showing the victory of the gods over the giants.

Anguipedes were often depicted in artwork and on coins. Some of the coins that depicted Abraxas and Elias were said to hold magical properties.

Anguiped Carved in Stone

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