A Symbol of sorrow, death, harmony, fertility, eternity, life, murder, and revenge.

The teardrop symbol occurs around the world. In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus contains a teardrop. The teardrop is associated with a falcon, symbolizing strength, accurate vision, and power. In the teardrop tattoo, the eye of Horus teardrop represents a falcon. Horus can be depicted with the head of a falcon. Another Ancient Egyptian teardrop symbol is the top of the ankh. An ankh is a staff shaped like a teardrop on top of the letter T. Many ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses carried an ankh, most of which were associated with the underworld. Ma’at, who watches over the scales of justice in the underworld, carries an ankh. Osiris, king of the dead, and his wife Isis also carry ankhs. The ankh eventually evolved into the Christian cross. The tear on top of the ankh can symbolize sorrow and death.

In ancient Chinese cultures, two teardrops make up the yin-yang symbol. This symbol represents the opposite energies existing in harmony.

In the  Zoroastrian religion, the paisley or teardrop symbol represents fertility, eternity, and life.

Zoroastrian religion - paisley or teardrop
Zoroastrian religion – paisley or teardrop

In modern times, the teardrop symbol is used in jewelry to represent the memory of a loved one. Teardrop tattoos have different meanings. Developed in the prison culture, a teardrop can symbolize murder or the loss of a loved one. If a teardrop is outlined, it symbolizes attempted murder or the murder of a loved one. If the teardrop is filled in, it symbolizes revenge and murder. Gang members can also have teardrop tattoos. The teardrop tattoo is also becoming popular in the entertainment industry.

Jhonny Depp in the movie Cry Baby with a teardrop
Jhonny Depp in the movie Cry Baby with a Teardrop

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