A Symbol of health, longevity, freedom, fertility, light, semen, the Word, water, home, success, happiness, magic, earthliness, etherealness

The calabash symbol is the shape of the Calabash gourd, which looks like two bulbous entities on top of each other. The top and bottom are rounded, and the middle is cinched in like a human woman’s waist. This symbol is known in different cultures.

In China, the calabash is called a Hulu. Calabash was used by doctors in Ancient China to transport medicine. It is a symbol of health. The calabash symbol is also associated with Li Tieguai, one of the Eight Immortals in Chinese mythology. The calabash Li Tieguai carried was always full and could cure anyone of any illness. Shouxing, a Chinese deity, carries a calabash as a symbol of longevity. In feng shui, the calabash is used to banish sickness energies.


In North America, the calabash was a symbol of freedom for slaves. The calabash was in a song that guided people to the Big Dipper and was used as a guide for the Underground Railroad.

The Dogon of Mali considers the calabash a female symbol. The calabash is wound eight times with a red copper spiral. This symbolizes fertility, light, semen, the Word, and water.

In Africa, the calabash symbolizes home. It is used as a bowl or container to serve a family meal. It is also a symbol of fertility and is used in sacrificial offerings to bring about children. In Yoruba cosmology, the calabash symbolizes the earthly and the ethereal. It is also believed to be the plant from which humanity sprung.


The calabash is used to store seeds in Japan. Seeds from a calabash always grow, so they symbolize success and happiness. The calabash is also considered magical as it was used to capture magical creatures that caused earthquakes and poisoned the water.

Calabash gourds are still used for decorations in modern times. They are still used in households and feng shui.

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