A Symbol of motherhood, fertility, Mother, Maiden, Crone, wisdom, insight, communication, and strength.

Hina is the mother goddess of the Polynesian people. She gave birth to the first human beings and all of the gods. Hina created the world. She travelled to the moon on a rainbow. She is the first woman and the moon. Her vagina was filled with obsidian teeth. Her symbols are the moon and a coconut tree. Different Polynesian cultures have their own unique stories about Hina.

Hina is the goddess of sea creatures in Easter Island culture. In New Zealand, Hina is the sister or mother of the trickster god Maui. In Hawaiian culture, Hina is Maui’s mother and married to the Sky Father. Hina was married to Tuna according to Mangaian culture. In Tahitian culture, Hina married Maui after leaving the gods of the eels, Tuna.

Hina Symbol
Hina Symbol

Some stories associated with Hina include the New Zealand legend that Tuna molested Hina. Maui went after Tuna and cut his head off. The tuna’s head landed in a pond and created freshwater eels. Maui then hacked up the rest of the body, and a piece flew into the ocean, creating the conger eel. The other pieces of Tuna’s body became hagfish and lamprey.

According to Tahitian and Mangaian stories, Hina and Tuna were responsible for the first coconut trees. Hina cuts off Tuna’s head or a body part and buries it. The first coconut tree grew from Tuna’s body.

Maui was known to slow down the sun so Hina could get work done on Earth while she lived there. Hina made Kapa cloth wraps and clothing made from the bark of the Kapa tree for the gods. She did this on Earth and continued the practice after moving to the moon.

Maui entered Hina’s vagina, hoping to find eternal life by returning to the origin of his own life. Hina crushed him and bit him in half with the obsidian teeth in her vagina. Maui was unable to be born again into eternal life.

With the moon cycles, Hina represents the three women, Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Hina embodies all aspects of life. When the moon is dark, it symbolizes Hina presiding over death. When the moon waxes, it symbolizes Hina becoming the Mother who created the people on earth. A full moon symbolizes Hina becoming the Crone, full of insight and wisdom.

Hina uses rainbows to go to the moon and communicate between gods and humans. She is the intermediary between the heavens and the earth. She is also the all-powerful mother goddess who cares for the humans on Earth. She was considered the mother of all life in the sea.

In modern times, Hina’s name can be found in jewelry and clothing companies. Her likeness is found in modern art, jewelry, and tattoos.


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