A Symbol of counterclockwise, unusual, bad luck, good luck, entry, devil, curse, banishment, healing, chaos, and turmoil.

The Widdershins symbol is a circular arrow pointing counterclockwise. It also means a direct counter to the usual and against the sun. The word originated in Germany and Scotland.

In Christian culture, it is considered bad luck to circle a church counter-clockwise, or widdershins. In the Eastern Orthodox Church and Judaism, priests and people walking widdershins, counter-clockwise, when the Torah is being read during wedding ceremonies brings good luck.

Widdershins Symbol
Widdershins Symbol

In pagan times, a person had to walk widdershins to enter a sacred cave. Many folk dances were based on dancing widdershins. Witches were thought to dance widdershins around sacred fires. When the medieval church was trying to establish Christianity, they declared walking widdershins to be a sign of the devil.

In Wiccan practices, witches will walk widdershins to undo a spell or open a circle. It is also used with curses, banishing unwanted energies and magic, and healing magic.

Some ancient cultures said that moving widdershins caused chaos and turmoil as it went contrary to the sun’s movement. These cultures needed the sun to provide life and nourishment. Anything that contradicted the sun was considered dangerous. They also believed that if a person circled a fairy ring widdershins nine times, they would fall under a spell.

Widdershins Symbol
Widdershins Symbol

In modern times, the Widdershan symbol can be found in artwork, jewelry, and tattoos. A fantasy book about dystopian times was called Widdershins. A Widdershin exhibition of fairy art was held in southwest England. A cottage witch in Canada has a shop called Widdershins, which sells homemade products to help with wellbeing. Skyclad, a British heavy metal band, has a song called the Widdershins Jig. There is a play called Widdershins about the disappearance of a family. A farm in Maine has taken on the name Widdershins. The farm uses the Widdershins symbol in its logo. Widdershins a Barleywine Style Ale is produced by Left Hand Brewing. It has a picture of a backward clock face on the label.

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