A Symbol of the moon, the hunt, destruction, protection, fertility, good fortune.

Bendis was a moon goddess from Thrace, an area bordered by the Aegis Sea and the Balkan mountains. Bendis was also worshiped in Athens after Athens and Thrace were politically united. Immigrants from Thrace worshiped Bendis in Athens. Later, she was worshiped by all Athenians. She wears a brooch-fastened mantle from Thrace. Athenian influence includes her animal wrap, a short woollen tunic, and two spears. Bendis also wears high boots. She is sometimes pictured with a bowl for catching the blood from bull sacrifices. Her symbols include the moon, a double spear, and a bowl. Bendis is also the goddess of hunting, destruction, and fertility. She is the protector of children. Maenads and horse-shaped satyrs often surrounded Bendis. Bendis was one of Zeus’ seven daughters. She was the mother of the Thracian Horseman, whom she had birthed without any assistance from a man. She symbolizes fertility and good fortune because of the successful birth of her son.

Bendis Symbol
Bendis Symbol

Bendis was celebrated at the festival called Bendida. The Bendida occurred on May 19th. There were two processions, one from Thrace and one from Athens to the sanctuary of Bendis. The people would bathe and eat lunch in the sanctuary after the procession. When night fell, there were horse relay races with torches and a celebration that would last through the night. The Bendida celebration was mentioned in Plato’s Republic.

The Bendis symbol has appeared on coins, artwork, and jewelry. In modern times, the Bendis symbol can be found in artwork and jewelry. There is a jewelry company named after the goddess. Bendis is depicted on a wrapper for Bendis honey. A wine called Bendis Nadir, named after the goddess from Romania, won a silver medal in 2015. There is also a bottled water company named after Bendis.

Bendis Symbol
Bendis Symbol
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